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     The President of WestSide Entertainment (Formerly known as Fo'Reel Ent.), Cudda Love, is a renowned producer responsible for creating many singing ICONS that are still praised and recognized worldwide today. To highlight, he managed the legendary NOTORIOUS B.I.G. for Bad Boy Records and later founded/managed Hit Maker, MA$E, with Puff Daddy. Soon afterwards, he created the "Country Grammar" Star, Nelly, into becoming the Megastar he is today. Overall, he helped shape today's World Music History by creating these Artists into becoming the influential iconic figures they are known globally today.


We have a message for you from our WestSide Family:

     The music world is changing in Asia. Artists and companies want to to grow and crossover here to the U.S. and succeed. We here at WestSide Entertainment have the close connections and relationships in Hollywood to make sure such aspirations come true. Just connecting with a "famous name" here in America will not lead to future fame and success. You need someone who knows both culture/ the mindset and has the tremendous successful business background here to make your dreams become a reality. Albeit the new trend is to come here to the U.S., we can come to you. We can create mega hit songs you hear on the U.S. radio waves, due to our close relationship with the MOST current Hit Making Producers. From new group ideas to even movies, we have the endless resources to make your Artist or entire entertainment company arise above the competition. Make the choice, let’s change your destiny…Choose WestSide Entertainment.




WestSide Family

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